Monday, December 21, 2009

The hunt continues....

I really like hunting for jobs. It's not the fact that I don't have one - that would just be silly. I just find it fun showing up, meeting new people, answering food questions, sometimes having to cook things - I find it exciting. Obviously I would be a lot happier if I HAD a job, because of course than means money coming in, but the experience of it is fun. Luckily I don't have to do it that often :)

Right now possibly in the 'finals' for a job that would be to open up a place. Basically the partners opening up this place have a general idea, but have no experience opening up a restaurant - this is where I would come in for this position. The job has you doing everything from the ground up... meaning menu design/concept, hiring, buying equipment, etc. Basically their face, your restaurant. So i'm trying real hard not to get my hopes up, but i've made it pretty far, and one more meeting before a possible 'cookoff' between the two finalists. It would be a really fun project as well, I keep trying to take my mind off it, not get my hopes up, but I think I can do it :)


  1. Sounds like you'd be the perfect one for the new place. Best of luck - hope you make it!!

  2. Welcome to the foodie blogroll.

    Your blog is interesting, given your professional aspirations. I look forward to learning a bit here. Good luck with the job search.