Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 AM? Is it that time already?

On a string of *very* late nights for no reason, I decided to be a little productive. Realizing I had plenty of whole milk, and butter, along with a good amount of yeast from my cinnamon bun kick, I realized I needed a decent bread for the next day.

Like i've said before, i'm not really a baker, or at least i've never really done much until recently. So of course I would need a bit of help, and there is one book which I have really taken a shine to, the formulas are great, bread recipes are fantastic - you name it, if you want some good artisan bread then this is the book for you. I really highly recommend The Bread Baker's Apprentice. Really a great book, for anyone just wanting to start getting into baking, since it has a ton of great info, and everything is well written, to the more serious bakers.

So I made some brioche, which I think is one of my all time favorite breads. The book in particular actually has three different versions of the brioche, from the rich mans brioche with a LOT of butter, producing a really great, cakey bread, down to poor mans, which has less butter (yet still more than 20% butterfat, which is still quite the bread), which is more suited to sandwich bread and the like. I needed some bread for rolls so I could have some sandwiches, so I figured i'd go with the poor mans, which is also MUCH easier to handle than the rich.

And silly me, forgetting any loaf pans I own aren't at home, decided to make a bunch of pull away rolls, which was actually fine with me, these were big enough for a sandwich, which is all I really wanted it for anyway.

If you like to bake and haven't this book in your possession, do yourself a favor and just go out and get it. It's a great book, a must have, and you would be silly not to own it!

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